Welcome to ReStock Alerts!

ReStock Alerts’s main function is to notify your customers when their requested product is back-in-stock.

Restock Alerts is a smart autonomous push notification app (Shopify Plugin). ReStock Alerts sends web push notifications and Emails that help your shop with lost sales. Sold-out products are a big deal in a customer’s journey. Restock Alerts helps you Notify your customers to finalize purchases.

The main goal for ReStock Alerts is to notify customers about an out-of-stock product, So they can purchase what they’ve been looking for.

By adding the “Notify me when available” button on your sold-out product pages, make sure that you capture customers even on the pages that once you thought were dead.

ReStock Alerts brings customers back to your store and helps you convert those sales you would have missed otherwise. Start notifying customers!

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