In general, cashback is a percentage of what you spend that gets paid back to you at the end of a billing cycle.

Restock Alerts offers discount codes as cashback. The amount of cashback will be added to your next billing as App Credit.

Let’s say it with an example. You have a discount code (e.g. “hello”) which is 30% off on the Pro plan for 2 months.

Here is how you need to activate it:

Go to the Restock Alerts panel.

Go to the Upgrade Plan section.

Enter the code and apply the discount on the top-right of the pricing plans.

A notification occurs that says “30% off for 2 months is applied and will be added to your next billing cycle”.

Choose the plan you want to upgrade to.

You’ll be directed to the payment page of the Shopify Admin Panel. Click on “Approve Subscription” to continue. Here you’ll be charged the total amount which is 29$ in this case.

Now you’ve successfully subscribed to the selected plan.

At the end of your next billing cycle, 30% off (8.7$), will be added to your invoice.

Please note that you don’t receive automatic notification of the cashback status, so you must check your next invoice to make sure that the refund went through. The refund will be added as App Credit to your next invoice.

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