How to Create and Publish a description with Hengam Descriptions

Learn how to generate descriptions in RightCopy

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It takes only a number of simple steps to publish a description with Hengam Descriptions.

Start by going through your panel. Right there in the Generator section, you can a list of all your products. By clicking on it, you'll have access to all your products which are separated into four categories (Unoptimized, Draft, Optimized, Optimized by Bulk)

You can choose your product with a simple click and move directly to the Generator's detail page.

  • Note: Type your product title in the search box for faster results.

There, you're able to choose between three different AI-generated descriptions for each product. If you click on "View" button, we direct to you the Product page of that specific product on your Shopify Admin page.

You can change and modify the description in any way you want. We have articles about how you can change the description here. When you're done, click on Publish and the selected description will be published directly on your website.

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