You can always make changes to the AI-generated descriptions, using tags and product type.

In the generator section of the app, after selecting the product, you can see two boxes on the right side of the page. Shopify allows you to assign one Product Type per product. Products can be categorized using the Product Type feature and this categorization will help our AI with identifying your product for what it really is.

If you don't want that product type, you can click on the card and we will provide you with other options to select from. You can always type in your product as well. The best you choose the product type, the better our AI can create the description.

  • Note: Remember, you need to click on Regenerate button if you want the new product type to be applied to your descriptions.

Right below the product type, you can spot the Manage Tags box which includes:

  • Applied Tags are the ones that have already been used for the description

  • All Tags section is where you can add the ones you like manually.

To create a new set of descriptions:

  • You can click on the small X on the applied tags to remove them and then click on Regenerate.

  • You can click on the Suggested Tags available at the bottom of the all tags box and then click on Regenerate.

  • You can type your ideal tags in the Add Tags box and press enter, then click on Regenerate.

  • And you can always do all the items above together.

Please keep in mind:

  • Even though you can change tags, adding or removing tags will not necessarily create a different description.

  • Tags are just part of our AI machine input; they will not necessarily show up in the descriptions if our machine decides they’re not relatable

  • Please try to keep the tags simple, clear, and limited. Too many or too complicated tags can confuse the AI

If you had any difficulties or were not happy with the descriptions, you can always count on our support team for help.

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