Create a subscription plan
How to create, edit, or delete a subscription plan in Subify
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Create a subscription plan

Creating a subscription plan in Subify is super easy. Follow these steps to add a subscription payment option to your products:

  1. Go to the Subscription plans tab, and click on Create Subscription plan button.

  2. Change the subscription plan name as you wish.
    (plan name is for internal use only and won’t be visible to your customers.)

  3. “Add Products” or variants from your store and create a subscription option for them.

  4. Choose your subscription "Selling Plan".

  5. Based on the selling plan you have chosen, add your desired Delivery/Bill Frequency to your plan.

  6. Set a subscription Discount if you like and reward your subscribers.
    (The subscription discount will be applied to all the selected products in the plan)

  7. Edit the selling plan title if you like.
    (Selling plan titles don't support translations for multi-language storefronts)

  8. Enable Changeable Discount and Advanced Settings of the subscription plan if you like.

  9. Click on Save, and the plan is created! 😍🎉

Check out this gif to get an overview of these steps: 📽️

Edit/update a subscription plan

Add new products or delete the existing products from the subscription plan:

Edit or delete a Selling Plan or even add a new one:

Delete a subscription plan

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