You need to implement some steps which are not hard at all, to add a subscription payment option to your products:

  1. On the home page, click on the “Create Subscription Rule” from the box ”getting started with Subify”. Then you see 3 fields that you need to fill out.

  2. You should name the subscription rule but don’t take it too hard on yourself because the “Rule name” is for internal use only and won’t be visible to your customers.

    Selling plan titles don't support translations for multi-language storefronts.

  3. “Add Products” or variants from your store and create a subscription option for them.

  4. In the next field, you “Add Frequencies” to your rule so that customers choose from various options. You go in for the Delivery interval and you are also able to reward your loyal customers by setting discounts. For all the products which are mapped to the rule, percentage discounts will be set as a discount.

  5. You ”Save” your changes, and the rule is created!

When you click on any of the rules you have created before on the “Subscription Rules” Tab:

  • There is a “Summary” box on the right side which provides you an overview of the rule.

  • You can add products or delete the existing products from the rule:

  • You can edit or delete a “Frequency Delivery” and even add a new one:

  • You can delete the rule you have created containing all the products. After you click on the rule you have in mind, scroll down and click on the “Delete Subscription Rule”.

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