Follow these steps to start selling in subscription with Subify:

1. Check eligibility requirements for subscriptions

If your shop doesn't meet eligibility requirements, we'll show this banner on the homepage of the app, you can change payment settings by clicking on the "Set up Payments" button, or check the requirements by clicking on the learn more.

If you haven't seen this banner, it means your store is eligible to have the subscription purchase option.

2. Create a subscription rule

In this step, you need to set, which products you want to sell in a subscription for which period. To set that you must visit the "Subscription rules" tab on the Subify panel, then click on the "Create subscription rule" button.

You must set:

  • Product(s) you want to add a subscription purchase option to

  • The interval between 2 recurring orders for this subscription (Monthly, Weekly,...)

You can also set:

  • How much discount you want to offer for subscription orders to encourage your users to become subscribers.

3. Check the widget

After creating a rule, you can check the subscription widget that must be added to the product page by Subify. In order to check you can go to the "Customization" tab and click on the "View widget" button.

Please keep in mind that some themes require more attention to set up the widget. So if the widget doesn't appear, let our support know, so that we help you to add it in a few minutes.

4. Customize the widget

You can customize the style or content of the widget to match the theme of the store better. In order to do that, go to the "Customization" tab of the Subify panel, then click on the "Customize" button. You can ask our customer support to do the professional customization for you in minutes.

5 Test the subscription order

It's recommended to test the subscription orders by buying a product with a subscription purchase option. Don't forget to check the confirmation email, and customer portal page that will be created for managing your subscriptions.

In all steps, if you have any questions, feel free to ask our customer support by clicking on the messenger button on the right bottom corner.

We're here to help!

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