RightCopy's bulk generator is powerful in many ways, the most important one is generating hundreds of descriptions in a couple of minutes. However, it's still important to monitor or even change these descriptions. That's why we've added a CSV file before you publish the descriptions on your store.

When you click on Download descriptions, you'll receive a CSV file. When you open the CSV file in excel, you'll see a sheet like this:

  • Action Required

  • Title (Product Title)

  • Body HTML (Product Description)

  • Product Link (Link to Product Page in Shopify Admin)

  • Product ID

Action Required:

Some of your descriptions may have [num] or [loc]. You can put the correct number or location or change the descriptions in a way you want.

If one of your descriptions has [num] or [loc] in it, you'll see the following in a cell under Action required:

"replace [num] or [loc]"

  • Note: [num] stands for number and [loc] stands for locations.

You have two scenarios regarding publishing your descriptions.

You can publish your descriptions without importing a new file:

In this scenario, we will publish all your descriptions EXCEPT the ones that include [num] or [loc]. We'll send you an email with these descriptions so that you can choose what to do with them.

When you click on publish, you'll see the following post:

Or you can publish your descriptions after importing a new file:

In this case, we will publish the descriptions exactly the way they are, so you should make sure to change the [num] or [loc] before importing.

You can also change any other descriptions you like:

And in this case, when you click on publish, you'll see the following:

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