What are Tags in Hengam Descriptions?

Actual meaning of tags and their role in creating descriptions

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Tags are at the heart of our description-creation process. We're using many elements to create a new description and a tag is an essential part of the process. In this article, we want to talk in detail about the different meanings of tags in Hengam Descriptions.

When you click on one of your products in Generator, you will get to the above page. On the right side, there's a section regarding Manage Tags in which there are two parts:

Applied Tags

Applied Tags are the ones currently being used to create a description. These tags come from two resources: Your tags on the Shopify Admin Products page,

And the tags our AI itself has assigned to your product. RightCopy chooses these assigned tags based on your product Title, Image, and Product type. (That's why it's important to choose the right ones to have the best descriptions.

  • Important Note: Tags that you add to your product page go into the filtering process when our AI is analyzing them. As a result, you may not see all of your tags in Applied Tags. Hengam Descriptions chooses the most relevant ones to create the best description possible.

All Tags

Every tag which you see in Applied Tags has a place in All Tags. Even the ones which you type in here:

The tags added to Applied Tags will have a place in All Tags so that when deselected, you can select them again. Whenever you change the tags in Applied Tags, you can click on the Regenerate button to get a whole new set of descriptions.

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