Doing the process of creating descriptions over and over can be frustrating and time-consuming. Well, we have a perfect solution for you: Bulk Generator!

You can click on a few buttons and thousands of descriptions will be created all at once.

When you start creating a Bulk process, you'll be provided with a couple of options to select your products. You can select them either with:

  • Collections

  • Vendors

  • Product types

Or if you want, you can generate descriptions for all your products at once.

If you select your Vendors, you'll see every vendor available on your website. You can select the ones you want and click "Add".

You'll see the list of your vendors in the picture below:

Creating descriptions for these vendors will cost you some credits. However, the amount is lower than the one you get from our Generator. Well, in Generator you have lots of other options for your descriptions, we don't want to charge you the same.

There's also an option to include the products that you've already made a description for. Whether you've created them in Generator or Bulk Generator, we're setting them aside. If you need, you can tick the checkbox and generate a new set of descriptions for them as well.

When you start the process, you'll see a loading icon beside the "In progress" badge. This will take about 1 minute to 1 hour depending on the number of your products.

When descriptions are ready, you'll have the option to see all of them in our "Bulk editor" feature":

In Bulk Editor, you can take a look at all your descriptions and change the ones you like. Some of them may have [num] in them which you can easily filter by the button on the right-hand side and put the actual numbers.

Also if you've selected multiple vendors, you'll have the option to filter them so that you can edit in smaller batches.

When you click on "Publish", you can select the placement of your descriptions. You can either put them after your original descriptions or replace them.

And at the end, when descriptions are published, you'll see the "Published" badge on Bulk status.

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