Customer Portal Page

When a user buys a subscription, a portal page is created for them, so that they can manage their subscriptions. Your users can do the following tasks through the portal page:

  • Check subscription details including products, price, next order date, etc.

  • Cancel the subscription

  • Pause the subscription

  • Skip next order

  • Update their payment information

  • Edit their shipping address

  • See the history of orders created for this subscription

How do they reach the portal page?

There are 3 ways for your customers to see this page:

  1. Subify Confirmation Email

    Upon completing the purchase and starting a subscription, customers receive an email notification that gives them access to their panel.

  2. Shopify Confirmation Email for Each Order

    Shopify's confirmation email for each recurring order, allows them to find out this information as well:

    On the order confirmation page, they can easily enter the customer portal.

  3. Customer Account Page

    If the customer account page is activated for your store, subscribers can see their subscriptions on the account page

    Check the Shopify help article about customer account if you haven't activated it yet, and want to have it on your store.

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