Yes they are placed automatically


When a customer buys a subscription product, they accepted this term on the Shopify checkout:

So we have access to renew the order on the interval you set on the product and she/he subscribed for it. Subify does this action for you, automatically. It means on every interval the billing attempt for paying the order will be created and if it will be successful, it will create an order with the payment status of paid.

On the subscription page of the Subify panel, you can see the subscriptions, your customers created, if you click on one of them, you'll see more details about recurring orders created by Subify.

The history of recurring orders is visible on "Order History", and you can check their order status by clicking on their Order ID, which redirects you to their order page on Shopify admin. You can make sure there whether the order is created correctly or not.

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