There are two options to create similar descriptions in Hengam Descriptions:

  • More like batch option

  • More like description option

More like batch option

You may want to see more descriptions like the ones that has been already created by Hengam Descriptions. On the bottom of every batch of description, there is a "More like this batch" button:

If you click on this option, three descriptions will be generated which are similar the descriptions you already had. This way, you'll have more options to choose from.

And after a few second, three descriptions are generated:

More like description option

Given you already liked one of your 3 descriptions in a certain batch, you can create more descriptions like it with this feature. You can find it as a + icon beside your favorite and omit button.

When you click on it, RiCo (our AI robot) will create 3 similar descriptions for you and show them like this:

You can choose any of the new descriptions to publish. You can also do all the things you could do with a description like putting it in favorites or deleting it.

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