You may use marketing flows to communicate with your customers and you wonder if you can use ReStock Alerts to help you with it. well, it can!

Restock Alerts has integration with Klaviyo and you can connect the app to use your Restock contacts for your marketing purposes.

let me show you how you can connect the app to Klaviyo:

  • first, you need to go to Account Settings> Integrations > Klaviyo, and then click on the "Connect" button.

  • You'll see a page like this that require your Klaviyo private and public API keys.

You can see "how to find Klaviyo API keys" here.

  • After inserting your API keys the app will be connected to Klaviyo.

Now, this option will be added to your subscription form:

If your customers check this option when submitting their request their email will be added to a list called Restockify. you can find this list in the Lists& Segments section of Klaviyo.

You can then use this list on your campaigns. or you can select the list, tag it with your desired tag and run the campaign for emails with that tag.

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