How does Subify work?

  1. Select some products or variants from your store.

  2. Create the plan by defining delivery frequencies and custom discount codes.

  3. Customers now can go to a product page and choose to buy a product through a subscription.

  4. They need to choose their desired delivery frequency and get a discount.

  5. Now that they have successfully subscribed to a product, they’ll receive recurring invoices with the payment options provided to your store through the Shopify billing system.

Subify Key features:

Customizable subscription widgets

There are different types of widgets that can fit your store layout. You can feel safe asking us for personalization to reach a better result.

Automatic invoices

This app supports automatically generated invoices directly to the customer’s inbox. Customers can select the payment method they want in the checkout process.

One cart for both one-time & recurring payments

There’s no need to keep two types of carts-one for regular purchase and the other for recurring. This app supports one cart that handles both types.

In-app chat support

Our support team is actively available 24/7 to fix any possible issues you may have.

Billing management

You can define the flow you want to run when a payment fails.

Build customer relationships

You can optionally send a friendly reminder before the next invoice is sent. In order to personalize marketing appeal, you can make up invoices and notifications of your style.

Comprehensive dashboard

Our home page gives you the ability to look at what's going on in your account.

Customer Portal dashboard

Subscribers can manage and track subscription orders or skip, reschedule, and edit deliveries.

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