After creating a subscription plan, you can check and customize your subscription widget in the "Customization" tab of the Subify panel. There are four designs available for you to choose from. Simply click on the "View Widget" button to check how it appears on your product page.

Some themes require more attention to set up the widget. So if the widget doesn't appear, let our support know, so that we help you to add it in a few minutes.

Customize your widget

You can customize the widget's style and content to better match your store's theme and brand tone. To do that, in the "Customization" tab, choose your preferred widget style, and then click on the "Customize" button.

Personalize your widget

You can also request a personalized look for your subscription, like changing the background and border color of the widget to match your theme, the font family, the margins, etc.

Just contact our support with the design you have in mind, and leave the rest to our team. 😊

See some examples below:

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