To migrate from any other subscription platform to Subify, we just need you to provide us with the subscription data of your old platform. Our migration experts will help you throughout the process to import your previous data and set up your subscriptions in Subify with as little impact on your existing subscribers as possible.

Before you start

Before migrating any data over, you must activate your subscriptions on Subify: install the app and recreate all your current subscription rules. This ensures that your store continues operating throughout the migration process, allowing all new subscribers to flow through Subify, and eliminates the possibility of missing customers during the data pull from your old platform.

You must also ensure that your customers are using one of Shopify’s eligible subscription payment processors.

Read this article for more information on getting started with Subify.

Exporting your data

Once your subscriptions are all set on Subify, you can export your customer and subscription data from your old platform. By exporting this data after you have activated Subify, you can be confident that all existing data will be included in the migration.

Delivering your data to Subify

To migrate your subscribers into Subify, you will need to format your exported data into the Subify migration template. Here you can find the template and a sample of migration data:

The data needs to be in this format for our experts to import it correctly. To import your data into the template, Open the link above, go to "files" and "make a copy" of the existing google sheet. You can also download the template in Microsoft Excel compatible format if you are more comfortable working with Excel.

Meanwhile, if you need any help regarding data export and its template, our dedicated support team is here to help you.

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