How do Subify automated payments work?

When a customer buys a subscription product, Subify will automatically renew the order on the interval of that product. It means on every interval, the billing attempt for paying the order will be created, and if it is successful, Subify will create an order with the payment status of "paid".

How does Billing Management benefit me?

Things may go wrong in automated payments and lead to payment failure; customer's credit card expired, no funds issue, etc. When a payment fails, the subscription will still remain active and retry payment on the next billing date. You can use Billing management to eliminate the probability of these payment failures. We don't want any potential sales to slip away because of an expired credit card!

Where can I access this setting?

Go to your Subify app panel > Setting > Billing management.

If Billing management is enabled, the system will automatically retry charging the customer on the selected intervals after a failed payment. If all retries fail, the subscription will still remain active and retry payment on the next billing date.

Watch this gif: ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ

Will I get notified of the failed payments?

Yes! Subify automatically sends an email to both the shop owner and the customer when a payment fails after a certain number of tries. Here is the structure of the email:

How to update the customer payment method after a failed payment?

By activating Billing management and failed payment notifications, you get notified when a payment is failed, and then you have time to contact your customer and send them a link to update their payment method. Then Subify will retry charging the customer based on the retrial time you've set on the Billing management setting.

You can send the "card update link" to your customer from the subscription contract page:

1- Go to the subscriptions tab on Subify

2- open the subscription contact of the customer
(you can find the contract by searching the "Subscription ID" that is provided to you in the failed payment notification email)

3- In the payment method section, click on the "Send link to update card" button

An email will be sent to your customer from Shopify to update their card:

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