Black Friday is about getting everything ready for the most significant retail night of the year. Your sales channels, your payment systems, and of course your products. But are your product descriptions prepared?

We introduce: Black Friday descriptions.

You can see our Black Friday section in Bulk Generator:

Your Black Friday descriptions will be active from 24 to 30 Nov. Creating these descriptions is quite easy and if you're familiar with our Bulk Generator, it's the exact same process:

You select your products based on their Collections, Vendors, or Product types. Or you can simply create a description for all your products as seen above.

When you click on "Start bulk", you'll be directed to the following page:

And when your descriptions are ready, the status will become "Scheduled."

Your description will automatically change to BFCM ones on 24 Nov, but if you want, you can publish them right away.

Before publishing, you can edit your descriptions in Bulk Editor like this:

And when you're ok with everything, click on publish and you're done! You can also check your descriptions from Generator and if you want to change them, you can do it right from your Shopify Product page.

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