In case you want your subscriptions to automatically stop after a specific number of successful payments, you can add an expiration time to your selling plans.

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What are the common applications?

Installments & Rental programs

Having this option on your subscription plan is vital if you want to offer payment in Installments or Rental programs on your store. Because in these cases, you want to prevent any extra charges for your subscriber and the subscription needs to get paused automatically after the debt is paid, or the renting time is finished.

Where can I access this option?

You can access this option from the Subscription plans> Selling plan > advanced settings. Follow these steps:

1- Go to the Subscription plans tab

2- Create a new Subscription plan

3- Add the products that you like

4- Click on the Add Selling plan

5- Set the frequencies that you want

6- Click on Show advanced settings

7- Set the <Subscription expires> option to your preferred period.

For example, if you set the <Subscription expires> option to <After 3 successful payments>, Subify will automatically charge your customer for 3 successful payments and then the subscription will get paused automatically.
If one of these three payments is skipped or failed, it does not count as a successful payment.

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Let your customers know about it, too

Let your customers know about your subscription expiration timeline. You can inform them on your store: explain it in the product description, subscription FAQ, or anywhere on the product page. If you have a subscription landing page, it would be good to put it there, too.

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