Canceling Subscription limit

How to set a minimum number of payments which before that customer can't cancel their subscription.

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You can limit your customers so that they can't cancel or pause their subscriptions before a defined number of successful payments. ๐Ÿšซ

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What is the common application?

Having this option on your subscription plan would be beneficial to your business by increasing subscriber retention. It guarantees your recurring revenue for a minimum number of orders for every subscription on your store.๐Ÿ’ธ

How can I set a limit on canceling subscriptions?

You can access this option from the Subscription plans> Selling plan > Advanced settings > Customer Can Cancel.

Follow these steps:

1- Go to the Subscription plans tab.

2- Create a new Subscription plan.

3- Add the products that you like.

4- Click on the Add Selling plan.

5- Set the frequencies that you want.

6- Click on Show Advanced settings

7- Set the <Customer can cancel> option to your preferred period.

For example, if you set the <Customer can cancel> option to <After 3 successful payments>, Subify won't let your customer cancel or pause this subscription before 3 successful payments. If one of these three payments is skipped or failed, it does not count as a successful payment.

How is the Cancelation limit applied?

If your customer clicks on the pause or cancel buttons of a subscription contract from the customer portal, this warning will pop up and inform you about the limitation:

Let your customers know about it, too

Let your customers know about your subscription cancelation policy. You can inform them on your store: explain it in the product description, subscription FAQ, or anywhere on the product page. If you have a subscription landing page, it would be good to put it there, too.

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