You can set an initial discount for a specific number of successful payments and define that the discount changes(decreases or increases) afterward for the remaining payments.

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What are the common applications?

Offering Free trial

You can offer free trials with this changeable discount option, by setting a 100% discount for a specific number of successful payments and then changing to 0(or else) afterward.

Encouraging customers to subscribe

You can set a higher discount for the earlier payments to encourage your customer to subscribe and increase your subscription conversion rate.

Extra expenses in the first payment

If you want your customer to pay an extra fee in the first payment of their subscription, include this extra fee in your product price, then in Subify, you can set the initial subscription discount lower than the second discount, to get to result.

Where can I access Changing Discount option?

You can access this option from the Subscription plans> Selling plan > advanced settings. Follow these steps:

1- Go to the Subscription plans tab

2- Create a new Subscription plan

3- Add the products that you like

4- Click on the Add Selling plan

5- Set the frequencies that you want

6- In the <Set a discount> field, put the initial discount

7- Enable the check box under it: <Change discount after a specific...>

8- In the <After> option, choose your preferred number of successful payments that you want the discount to change afterward

9- In the <Change to> field, put the second discount.

For example, if you set the initial discount to 50% and define to change it to 10% After 3 successful payments, Subify will automatically charge your customer for the product price with a 50% discount for the first three successful payments and then they will get charged for the product price with a 10% discount afterward.

If one of these three payments is skipped or failed, it does not count as a successful payment.

Check out this gif and follow the steps: ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ

How does it look like on the product page?

When you define a changeable discount, it will be shown on the subscription widget on your product page.
A description is also added under the subscription widget that explains in more detail how the discount works and changes the price:

How to add a Changing Discount to existing subscription plans?

You can edit the selling plan of an existing subscription plan. Go to the Subscription plan tab and click on the subscription plan, and then click on the dots next to the Selling Plan to edit it.

Please note:

Editing a subscription plan won't change the previous subscription contracts and only affect the future subscriptions on your store.

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