You can limit your subscriber access to pause, skip, or cancel their subscription from the customer portal.

What are the common applications?

Installments & Rental programs

Having this option on your subscription plan is vital if you want to offer payment in Installments or Rental programs on your store. Because in these cases, the customer should not have access to pause, cancel or skip any payment until their debt is paid or the rental period is finished.

Where can I access this option?

You can manage these permissions from the Subify app Settings > Customer permissions:

How does it look like on the customer portal?

If you disable these functions, the buttons will be omitted from the customer portal of all of your subscribers in your store.

When permissions are enabled:

When permissions are disabled:

Let your customers know about it, too

Let your customers know if you've disabled a certain function on the customer portal: inform them it they can't skip, cancel or pause their subscriptions.
You can inform them on your store: explain it in the product description, subscription FAQ, or anywhere on the product page. If you have a subscription landing page, it would be good to put it there, too.

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