Different types of "Notify me" widget

Learn about different types of Notify me widget.

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Restockify automatically matches the "Notify me" button with your Shopify theme.

However, there are times when you want to make some changes manually so that the button fits on your page better. First, you must be familiar with different types of "Notify me" widgets.

  • Inline the "Notify me" button

This type of button is similar to the "Add to Cart" or "Sold Out" buttons. Out-of-stock products, collections, and home pages can all have this type of button. Look at the example below:

  • Float the "Notify me" button

This type of button can be inserted everywhere on an out-of-stock product page (Right edge, Left edge, bottom-right, and bottom-left). You can also have it displayed alongside with Inline button and form.

This button can't be displayed on collections and home pages since having multiple buttons on a page doesn't look nice. Right?:)

  • Form

There is another type of "Notify me" widget that is different from a button. It doesn't need to be opened as a modal for customers to enter their emails. Here's an example of the notify me form:

You can choose between these widgets on your panel, the Widgets section, and the "Notify me" Widgets.

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