Customizing the Message after subscribing

Learn how to customize the message your customers see after subscribing.

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When your customers enter their email address, phone number or enable the push notification checkbox, it is best to give them a confirmation message that their request has been successfully submitted and what this request does. This is why we have added this message. It is something like this:

You can customize this message from your panel to fit your store's vibe and display your desired message. To do that, you should go to your panel> Widgets> Subscription Message. You'll be taken to a page like this:


The message your customers see when they hit the notify me button on the subscription form.

Already subscribed message

They will see this message if they have already subscribed to this product and variant.

Note: if a customer requests to be notified of a product and the product gets restocked and out of stock again, it will be treated as a new request, and the primary message will be displayed to them.

Toast text color

You can change the color of both messages' text to match your store's vibe.

Toast background color

Here you can change the color of both messages to match your store's vibe.

This is all to it.

If you need more customizations, communicate your feedback with us by chatting with our support team or submitting a feature request on the panel. We love to hear your thoughts:))

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