You probably always prefer to have control over what your customers will receive from you, don't you? To send your desired message to your customers, you can customize your SMS notification texts. Here's how your SMS notifications can be customized:

  • From the side menu, select Notify Channels.

  • Select SMS from the top menu.

The SMS text has three suggested variables. Product Name, Shop Name, and Product URL.

You can use the first two if you like, but SMS content must contain the Product URL and can't be omitted.

Adding or removing variables is as easy as clicking on them. If you want to add them to a specific place, click the text box there, then click the variable selector. You can change the text to whatever you like.

Note: below the SMS text field, you can see how many characters are left of an SMS and how many SMSs your text consists of.( all your text will be sent as one SMS, though, and you don't have to worry about that.)

If you like to read more about SMS notifications, you can check this article out.

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