With Restockify's email customization, you can fully customize the restock emails sent to your customers, so they fit the look and feel of your brand. You can find it on Notify Channels> Email.

First, you can select from 3 templates.

After selecting the one, you like, you can start personalizing the email notifications.

  • Sender Email: it is by default the Restockify email address but you can click on the Edit button and you will be taken to the Advance page to use another email address. learn more about it in this article.

  • Store branding: It can be chosen out of the logo or shop's name. Logos can be uploaded in Image.

  • Color Styles: Here you can choose from one of the color theme options you have or add your own custom theme. you just need to add your primary color and we will generate the other 2 colors with a pre-defined logic. you can edit them later on if you don't like them.

    You can choose your text color theme from Dark or Light based on your email theme.

  • Content: The Email subject, Email title, and Email description can be edited from here. There are some variables you can use in your content like Shop name, Product name, or Product link. you can put them anywhere in your texts by selecting where you want them and clicking on the variable.

  • Discount Code: You can enable this option to add a discount code for your customers. you can put this code in the Discount description field.

  • Product price: product price is by default shown in your back-in-stock emails. you can disable/enable it here.

  • Content Style: Here you can choose your email font family and font size.

Note: Gmail doesn't support all font families. Our list includes the fonts that Gmail supports.

  • Buttons: Here you can edit the buttons' texts.

  • Social Networks: Last but not least, you can add your social media accounts to your emails to keep your customers engaged.

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