You can easily customize your push notifications. to do this navigate to your Restockify panel> Notify Channels and select the Push Notification.

If you haven't installed the PushOwl application yet, you need to do that first so you will be able to activate the push channel first.

You will see the below page:

You will see some default values for the contents and 3 previews showing what the push will look like on different devices; macOS & Linux, Windows, and Android.

Note: iPhone and iPad currently don't support push notifications as mentioned in the app.

In the Content section, you can customize the content of your push notifications. {{title}} is the variable representing the product name. you can put it anywhere in the text that you prefer.

In the Buttons section, you can change the buttons' texts. there are 2 buttons in the push notifications. the left button goes directly to the cart and adds the product to it.

the right one takes the customer to the product page. you can choose your preferred text for them.

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