Email marketing is all about building relationships and building relationships with customers is the key to success for an e-commerce business. Ominsend is a powerful email marketing platform that is used by +80000 brands. therefore ReStock Alerts has provided the ability to integrate the app with Ominsed in order to add your back-in-stock customers to your email marketing system. in order to do that:

  • Go to Account Settings and then Integrations.

  • You'll see the Omnisend option. Click on the connect button.

  • Here you need to enter your Omnisend API key.

  • Go to your Omnisend account, from the top right corner click on your store's name and select Store settings.

  • From the left sidebar find the API key option.

  • If you haven't created any API key yet click on the Create API key button and copy your key.

  • Go back to your ReStock panel and paste the key.

  • Click on the Save button.

You're good to go now. after connecting Notify me app with Omnisend this checkbox will be added to your request form and the email of those who have this checked when submitting a request will be added to your Ominised account.

You can see them on the Audience tab:

All your customers from Notify me app will have the tag "restock" and you can use this tag later on in your automations.

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