How to use PushOwl to send back-in-stock push notifications?
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Restock notifications can be sent through different channels like push notifications, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, or email. Since web push notification is a powerful channel to send notifications to your customers, we have integrated Restock Alerts with PushOwl to let you send back-in-stock alerts via PushOwl.

Please note that this integration requires installing PushOwl.

To use PushOwl for your back-in-stock notifications, please do the following:

  1. In the Restockify dashboard, go to the Notify Channels tab:

  2. Select the Push Notification option.

  3. In the “Push Notification” tab, you’ll see an alert showing that in order to activate push notifications, you need to first install PushOwl. If you already have PushOwl, then only click on the “Integrate” button.

  4. Now, you’ll be directed to the Integrations tab. Click on “Connect” to integrate with PushOwl.

  5. Now, if you go back to the Notify Channels section, you’ll see that PushOwl is successfully integrated. Here, you can see your customization option. you can more about that in this article.

Now, you’re able to send push notifications whenever items are restocked. If you need any help regarding the integration, please contact support.

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