As you know you can simply see your sent notifications by clicking on Reports> Sent notifications from the top sidebar menu.

One of the information you get on this page is the Message status. learning what are these statuses and how they can help you can be very helpful.

There are 6 statuses in general: Sent, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Ordered, and Failed.

they basically show the status of the notification. let's take a look at what happens:

  • First, the message is Sent.

  • If everything is okay the message will be Delivered to the customer. if for example, your customer's phone is not on, the message is sent to the operator but will not be received by the customer.

  • If the customer opens the message the status will be changed to Opened.

  • The status is then changed to Clicked if they click on each of the buttons in the email and push or the link in the SMS.

  • The status will change to Ordered for those who have purchased the item after clicking on the links and visiting your site. you can read how we calculate the order amount in this article.

  • There are two scenarios where the status of the notifications will change to Failed

  1. The Phone number or email address doesn't exist.

  2. the customer has unsubscribed from your notifications before.

Now that you're familiar with the statuses you may wonder how they can help you.

The very important use you can get from them is resending your notifications to those you like. for example, you can filter all the Clicked ones and resend the notification. this will increase the possibility of them purchasing the item. you can learn how to resend notifications here.

Note: you can even see the time of every status. all you need to do is to click on the notification and you'll see a timeline.

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