All you need to know about SMS notifications.
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Sending back-in-stock SMS notifications is a great way to let your customers know their favorite product has been restocked and encourage them to come back and buy it. Collect your customers' phone numbers and we will automatically notify them when the product becomes available again.

Once you install the app, you are automatically enrolled in the SMS channel. Also, you can customize the text that appears in the notification. you can read all about it here.

Here are some notes you need to know about SMS notifications.

  • Customers can reply with 1 if they wish to unsubscribe from receiving SMS from your shop.

  • The default pre-number in the subscription form is displayed based on the subscriber's location. for example, if they are in Canada the default pre-number will be +1.

  • you can send a test SMS using the Send test SMS button on the top right corner.

  • Test SMSs will be sent to your contact phone number.

  • You can set and change your contact number under Account Settings> General> Your phone number.

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