It is common for applications with paid plans to let the users use their plans for free for some days. By doing this, they gain a better sense of how the app works and how the features benefit them and in general, they are able to make more informed choices.

Restockify also offers a 7day free trial period on the plan. here are a few notes you need to know about this trial:

  • The free trial starts with your first upgrade to a paid plan and lasts till 7 days after that.

  • In these 7 days, you can change your plan to any other plan you prefer. remember if you're for example on the third day of your free trial and you change your plan from pro to premium you're still on the third day and have 4 days left of your free trial.

  • You will not be charged for using the app in the free trial days.

  • After the trial period is over your billing will be calculated based on your current plan (the last plan you have chosen) for your next billing cycle.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the free trial period. we're always here to help.

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