Why do we need it?

On the home page of Restockify, the first page you land on when you open it, you will see some statistics charts showing your shop's order amount generated from our app as well as other numbers like the number of requests you had, the number of notifications sent, etc.

You're probably interested to know how the performance of your notifications has been. especially how many people have returned to purchase the product as well as how much income this has had for you.

How is it calculated?

As the logic goes, Shopify sends us the shops' order data, and we match the email addresses and phone numbers to the ones that have clicked the notifications over the past 72 hours. and this is how we calculate the order amount.

Why do we want the order data access from some users?

Some shops will see this on their panel. Our access to their order history goes back less than 60 days for these old shops. We, therefore, need access to this data to calculate the entire order amount, since our data is inaccurate and incomplete.

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