Email template variables and filters

Template variables you can use to edit your emails template HTML.

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Template variables

The email template uses the Liquid templating language.

The email template has the following Liquid objects available:

  • "shop_url": The first line of the shop address

  • "logo": The source URL of your shop logo

  • "{{ shop_name }}": The name of the shop

  • "title": Returns the product title

  • "content": Returns the HTML content for the Push Notification & Email

  • "{{ product_image }}": Returns the variant image if one has been set. Use the URL property to include the image URL in your template

  • {{ product_name }}: Returns the product name

  • "{{ price }}": Returns the variant's price

  • "{{ add_to_cart }}": The Add to Cart button on your stock product pages

  • "{{ visit_product }}": The URL product for the customer notification

  • "visit_product_text": Returns the HTML content for the visit product text

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