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Getting Started with Campaigns: What You Need to Know
Getting Started with Campaigns: What You Need to Know
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When creating a campaign, it will initially be in draft mode, which allows you to make any changes and save it as a draft. The campaign will remain in your campaigns list, and you can edit it whenever you want. Draft campaigns won't have any effect on your shop or products.

If you choose to save the campaign in active mode, it will start running and discounting products when the campaign starts. You can activate campaigns by selecting them in the campaigns list and enabling them. Keep in mind that if the campaign start time has not yet arrived, it will remain scheduled until the start time is reached.

Before the campaign goes live, it processes the products in the shop to select filtered products. Then, it will update the prices of the selected products once the campaign starts. Once the campaign is processing or in progress, it cannot be edited.

It's important to note that if a product has already been discounted in another live campaign and is included in a new campaign, it will be removed from the new campaign to avoid applying multiple discounts to the same product.

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