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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Campaigns
Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Campaigns
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1. Click on the "Create campaign" button from the home or campaign page.

2. Give your campaign a name.

3. Choose your campaign's discount type.

Learn more about campaign types.

4. Configure the initial settings for your campaign.

  • General discount & clearance sale

Learn more about "General discount & clearance sale" campaign configurations.

  • Quantity & volume discount sale

Learn more about "Quantity & volume discount" campaign configurations.

5. Choose eligible products for your discount campaign.

Choose which products to include in your campaign by applying various filters. You can also exclude specific products from the selected group in the “Excludes” section.

You have the option to select "automatically update" if you want your discount campaign to be updated whenever you add, remove, or edit products in your store.

6. Set the time period for your campaign.

Set the start and end times of your campaign. You can also choose to start your campaign immediately and/or not set an end date for it. In this case, your campaign will remain active until you manually disable it.

7. Review the summary of your campaign.

8. Review the discount preview on your product pages and cart page.

In the "Discount Preview" section, you can preview how the prices will be displayed on your product page. In the "Products" section, you can view which products are eligible for the campaign and their count by refreshing the "Estimated Product Count" option.

9. Set your campaign status.

Select whether you want to save your campaign as a draft or active in the "Campaign Status" section and save it.

10. Congratulations! 🎉

You have successfully created your discount campaign with Discounty!

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