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  • Create more small campaigns instead of less large campaigns

Live campaigns are not editable for more reliability and better tracking. So if you want to add some products to a campaign or remove some of its products, or change its discount value, you must disable it, then edit it and enable it again.

However disabling and enabling take long time spacially when campaign has lots of products. Because disabling updates all variants of the campaign’s products one by one in order to revert their prices, and enabling is so too, in order to add discount to them. So you should waste a lot of time waiting for these operation, when then campaign size of products is large (more than 1000 variants of products).

Therefore it’s highly recommended to split large campaigns into some small campaigns, for example create campaigns on your collections or by your tags instead of creating on whole store. This way you have more agility editing them, and also you can track their sales and revenue more distinguishable.

  • Add discount to new products by new campaigns

You may need to add discount to some new products, when some other products are discounted in one or more live campaigns. If you want to add these new products to a live campaign, you must disable that campaign, then add these products, then enable it again. But theses operations take long time on campaigns with more than 100 products. So It’s recommended to create new campaigns and add these new products to them to be discounted from now.

Don’t worry about selecting and filtering new products. You do not need to select them one by one if they have the same filter of other campaigns that are live right now. You can select them by the same filters. When this new campaign is going to start, it will proces them altogether and remove products that are discounted already in other campaigns.

For example you have a live campaign on your whole store right now. Then you add 10 products to your store and you want the same discount to be applied to these new products. Just create a new campaign with the same discount value and apply it to all store. It wiil exclude products that are already discounted in previous campaign, to prevent them from double discounting, and will apply discount only to the newly added products.

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