Prevent Shopify Discounts
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Discounty allows you to prevent your Shopify store's default discounts from overlapping with your Discounty campaigns. Enabling this option ensures that only the discounts created within Discounty are applied to eligible products. It helps avoid conflicting discounts and provides a seamless and consistent discount experience for your customers.

Please note that this option applies specifically to Shopify's "amount off products" discounts. Also, if a discount was created for specific collections in Shopify, the prevention will only be applied if the same collections are selected for the Discounty campaign.

Enabling this option deactivates Shopify's "amount off products" discounts (both automatic discounts and discount codes) on products in your active Discounty campaigns. By doing so, you maintain full control over the discounts offered through Discounty, ensuring they take precedence and deliver a tailored discount strategy for your store.

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