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App embeds provide a powerful way to showcase discounts and enhance the shopping experience on your store. By enabling app embeds, you can display the applied discounts in the shopping cart and highlight quantity-based discounts on the product pages. This visibility allows your customers to easily see the discounts they're receiving, creating a sense of value and encouraging them to complete their purchase.

To enable app embeds, navigate to your theme settings customization. In the "App Embeds" section, search for "Discounty" and find the Discounty app embeds. Enable the relevant app embeds based on your preferences.

  • Display discount in the cart widget by enabling "Saving on Cart" app embed.

To display the discount in the cart widget, ensure the "Saving on Cart" app embed is enabled. This will show the discounted amount or savings directly in the cart, providing a clear indication of the discount applied.

  • Display quantity-based discounts on the product pages by enabling "Product Price" app embed.

To showcase quantity-based discounts on the product pages, enable the "Product Price" app embed. This will dynamically update the product price to reflect the discounted price based on the quantity or volume discounts offered.

By leveraging these app embeds, you can effectively communicate the value of discounts to your customers and drive conversions.

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