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Customer portal: Canceling management
Customer portal: Canceling management
Utilizing Subify's Customizable Pop-up to Decrease Subscribers Churn
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"Don't let a cancellation be the end of your relationship with a customer - make it a new beginning with the Cancelling Management pop-up."

You can enable a customizable canceling management pop-up for your customer subscription portal. This pop-up, which appears when subscribers attempt to cancel their subscriptions, offers an invaluable opportunity to decrease churn rates and retain your subscriber base.

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How does Cancelling Management pop-up work?

When your subscriber clicks on the "cancel" button in the customer portal to make sure that the customer really intended to cancel their subscription, they first see this default message:

If you have enabled your canceling management pop-up, If they click on "Cancel subscription" again, they will see your customized pop-up.

You can add a Shopify discount code for your customers to apply to their existing subscription from the portal and prevent their churn, or you can include a form link so that your customer shares their cancelation reason with you. If you decide to go with the discount strategy, please make sure you share a discount code that can be applied to subscription orders and has limited use per customer.

How can I reduce churn by using the Canceling Management pop-up?

If used effectively, Cancelling Management pop-up can be a game-changing tool that helps you to maintain your subscriber base, learn from customers' feedback, and adapt to their needs.

Here are a few straightforward methods to get the most out of this powerful tool:

Offer Discount Codes

One of the simplest ways to convince customers to reconsider their decision is by offering them a discount code. When a customer clicks on "cancel", they can see a pop-up that contains a discount code for their existing subscription. This incentive might make them rethink their decision.

Note that you need to share a Shopify discount code that is applicable to subscription orders and has a limited usage per customer to maintain a balanced approach, and that customer can apply it to their subscription directly from their customer portal.

Ask For Feedback

Another smart way to use this pop-up is by incorporating a feedback form. When a customer decides to cancel their subscription, this is your chance to learn why. Including a feedback form link in the pop-up can provide crucial insights into the reasons behind customer churn, which you can then address to improve your subscription program.

Highlight Special Offers

You can also use the pop-up to highlight any special offers or exclusive benefits available to subscribers. These could be early access to new products, freebies, or additional services that come with the subscription. Reminding customers of these exclusive benefits right before they cancel can often help them see more value in staying subscribed.

Promote Other Products

The pop-up is also an excellent platform for promoting other products or services your business offers. If a customer is no longer interested in one product, they might find another more appealing. Use this opportunity to showcase the variety you offer and potentially shift their interest to a different product or service.

Provide Support Links

Lastly, you can use the pop-up to share links to customer support or help resources. Sometimes, customers cancel their subscriptions because they're having issues they don't know how to resolve. Providing a direct link to customer support in the pop-up might address their issues and convince them to remain subscribed.

How can I enable the Cancelling Management pop-up in Subify?

To Activate the Cancelling Management pop-up, you need to go to your Subify app panel > Settings tab > Portal > Canceling Management.

From there, you can enable and customize your pop-up text:

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