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Quantity & volume discount sale campaigns are designed to incentivize customers to purchase more by offering discounts based on the quantity or volume of items they buy. With this campaign type, you can set different discount tiers based on the number of items a customer adds to their cart, or their purchase amount. In this article, you'll learn how to set up a quantity & volume discount sale campaign with Discounty.

Check this article for general steps of creating a campaign. In current article, we will focus on the configurations specifically related to 'Quantity & volume discount sale' campaigns.

1. Set the minimum purchase requirements.

At the start, you need to establish the minimum requirements for customers to qualify for the discounts. You have two options: either set a minimum quantity of items that need to be added to the cart or determine a minimum purchase amount. This requirement serves as a threshold that customers must meet to unlock discounted prices.

2. Set the minimum requirements and tier discounts.

Now it's time to define the specific minimum requirements and tier discounts. Determine different tiers based on quantity or volume, specifying the minimum quantity of items or purchase amount for each tier. Assign a discount value, either as a percentage or a fixed amount, or new price for each tier. Consider offering more significant discounts for higher tiers to provide customers with increasing incentives to purchase more items.

3. Select how to apply minimum requirements.

Next, you have the choice of applying the minimum requirements either to all items in the cart collectively or to each item individually. Applying the requirements collectively means that customers need to meet the minimum quantity or purchase amount across all items in their cart. On the other hand, applying the requirements individually means that each item must meet the minimum criteria. This decision affects how customers can mix and match items to qualify for the discounts.

Remember that in both options, this applies only to the campaign's selected products.

4. Select whether to apply the discount once or not (for fixed discounts only).

Lastly, decide whether the discount should be applied once per order or once per item. Applying the discount once per order means that regardless of the number of items or the total volume, the discount will only be applied once. Conversely, applying the discount once per each eligible item means that customers will receive the corresponding discount for each item in their cart separately. This option is only for fixed amount discounts.

5. Check the preview of your campaign on the product pages and the cart page.

Before launching your quantity & volume discount sale campaign, review the preview of how the campaign will appear on your product pages and the cart page on the right side of the panel. Ensure that the discounts are accurately displayed based on the minimum requirements and tier structure you've set. Test the campaign by adding different quantities or volumes of items to the cart on the preview section to verify if the discounts are applied correctly.

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