Migrate to Subify from Recharge

Step by step guide on how to migrate your subscriptions from Recharge to Subify, if you are using Shopify Payment.

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To migrate your subscriptions from Recharge to Subify, we just need you to provide us with prevalidated Recharge exports. Our migration experts will help you throughout the process of importing your previous data and setting up your subscriptions in Subify with as little impact on your existing subscribers as possible.

Payment methods

The payment method of your existing subscriptions can affect the migration process. First, you must ensure that your customers are using one of Shopify’s eligible subscription payment processors.

Shopify Payments:

  • If the payments are already using Shopify payments, we are good to proceed.


If you are using the Stripe payment method, please read this article first and proceed with the initial steps.

Other custom checkouts:

If you are using custom checkouts for your payments, you should contact Recharge and request to convert your payments to Shopify payments.

Otherwise, we are unable to migrate your existing subscriptions that are created through custom checkouts to Subify.

Pre-Migration Steps

Before migrating any data over, you must make sure that all 4 pre-migration steps have been done:

  1. Install Subify

    You can install Subify from this link.

  2. Recreate all your current subscription plans on Subify

    After recreating your subscription plans on Subify, please place a test order and make sure Subify's functionality matches your requirements and the customer experience you have in mind.
    Read this article for more information on getting started with Subify.

  3. Disable Recharge Widget

    This ensures that your store continues operating throughout the migration process, allowing all new subscribers to flow through Subify and eliminating the possibility of missing customers during the data pull from your old platform.

    Here's how you can disable the Recharge widget:

    1. From the Recharge merchant portal, click Storefront and select the Subscription widget.

    2. On the subscription widget settings page, click Unpublish the subscription widget.

  4. Delete your subscription rules on Recharge

    1. From the Recharge app, Select Products.

    2. Select all the products.

    2. From the actions, click on Remove from Recharge. (This button will delete the product from Recharge, and it will no longer display in Products or Collections. It will not impact existing customers who are subscribed to the product.)

Do not uninstall Recharge until all subscriptions have been migrated.

Migration process:

1. Export your data from Recharge

Once your subscriptions are all set on Subify, you can export your customer and subscription data from Recharge. By exporting this data after you have activated Subify, you can be confident that all existing data will be included in the migration.

To export your subscriptions from recharge, you can follow this instruction:

  1. In the Recharge merchant portal, click Data and select Exports.

  2. Click Create Exports.

  3. Choose export type.

  4. Enter a custom export name (optional) and your e-mail address. (Don't select any date range and export all the available data)

  5. Click Create export.

The export types we need are:

  • Customers - Shipping Addresses

  • Recharge Subscriptions - All

  • Customers - Payment tokens

  • Orders - Processed

Please ensure you send all these three exports to us after validating the data.

2. Validate your data based on our migration template

To migrate your subscribers into Subify, you need to send us all the mandatory information that is in the following migration template:

You can also download the Excel file from this link.

Please note that we need all the mandatory data(red cells in the sheet) in the correct format for our experts to import it correctly; otherwise, Shopify does not accept importing your subscription contracts.

Please Note that:

  • If you need us to convert Stripe payments to Shopify payments, you should add a new column called stripe_id and include your Stripe customer ID in the template.

  • It is preferable to fill in all the fields.

  • All IDs must be Shopify IDs, as some apps may use internal IDs instead.

Meanwhile, if you need any help regarding data export and its template, our dedicated support team is here to help you.

3. Deliver your data to Subify

From your Subify panel, go to Settings tab > Migration > click on Start Migration:

The migration modal will open. Choose your current subscription platform and your current subscription payment processor. Then click on Start Migration:

If your payment processor is Stripe, read this article before you migrate your subscriptions.

At any stage that you have questions, you can check the help articles or click on "Need help migrating?" to initiate a conversation with our support team:

Import the requested files into the modal and click on "Check for conflicts". These are the requested files that you need to export from the Recharge app > Data > Export:

  • Customers - Shipping Addresses

  • Recharge Subscriptions - All

  • Customers - Payment tokens

  • Orders - Processed

Subify will search for any conflicts in your data and return the files with any errors in red color for you to check:

You need to click on the arrow next to the red files to see what the was exactly, then resolve it and upload the resolved file again:

After you resolve all the conflicts, the pre-migration checks with Shopify will start:

If Shopify returns any errors regarding your subscriptions, the file will be returned to you with the errors specified in the last column of your migration CSV file. You need to download this file, resolve the errors and upload the fixed file again to continue:

If they are no errors regarding your data, the migration process will be completed up to ~24 hours to complete. You will see a completion banner when the migration is fully done:

At any point, if there are any questions, please reach out to our support team.

Post Migration Steps

Once the migration process is complicated, make sure you do the following 3 post-migration steps:

  1. Check your migrated subscriptions on Subify

    Request an export from the subscriptions tab of Subify and check your migrated subscription data. (If you only have a few subscriptions, you can check them directly from the subscription tab.):

  2. Cancel all your subscriptions on Recharge

    1. In the Recharge app, select the Subscriptions tab.

    2. For each active subscription, click the Actions drop-down and select Cancel:

    4. Provide a cancellation reason, choose if you want to send a cancellation email, and select Next.

    Any active subscriptions associated with the address will display as an option to be canceled. Check the box for all subscriptions you’d like to cancel and click Cancel subscription to confirm.

  3. Cancel your Recharge account

    We suggest deleting your account in Recharge, because subscription apps might have the ability to read other apps' selling plans and create subscription contracts in their own service.

    Here's how you can cancel your Recharge account:

    1. In the Recharge app, click on Settings.

    2. Select Store and then Cancel my account:


    3. Fill out the cancellation survey and then click on the Cancel my account button. A confirmation will appear that your account has been canceled:


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